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doctor_veronica's Journal

the Doctor & Veronica Mars
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the Doctor/Veronica Mars (Doctor Who/Veronica Mars)
This is a community dedicated to the crossover pairing/companionship the Doctor (Doctor Who) and Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars).

Anything that has to do with Veronica/the Doctor is welcome here: fanart (icons, manipulations, wallpapers, etc), discussions, fanfiction,...
There won't be many rules, but some are necessary, I think.

1. No flaming, rudeness or trash talking. We want this to be a nice and friendly community.

2. Only post your own fanart/fanfiction, not someone elses. If you want to recommend something, feel free to do that by providing a link to the original post of the author/maker.

3. If you snag something, follow the makers rules and do not claim something as your own if you did not make it!

3. Please put all bigger pictures behind a cut. If you don't know how to do that have a look at this part of the lj FAQ.

4. If you post icons feel free to post 2-4 icons as a teaser and put the rest behind a cut.

5. If you link back to your own jounal for icons, wallpapers or anything else, please make sure that the post is NOT friends-locked. It can get frustrating to want to see something and then can't.

6. If posting fanfiction, put it behind a cut as well. Please add a header before the cut, so that others know some facts about your story. Feel free to use the following header, if you don’t have one already:

7. This community is mainly for the Doctor & Veronica Crossovers. But if you have something else that is a Doctor Who/Veronica Mars Crossover (like Rose/Logan for example), feel free to post it here, too.

8. If you have any questions or need new tags added, please go here.
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